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Ayurvedic Resort

Our Treatments Explore Details

Ayurvedic Treatment & Resort

The Natural Ayurveda executes a traditional holistic healing touch and it recommends the means of prevention and treatment of various illnesses as well as the preservation of health.

The main goal is to cure it from the root cause to get rid of it completely. It is based on a delicate balance between mind, body and spirit. The treatments are completely natural and it is free from side effects.
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Rejuvenation heals their inner and outer self through majestic therapies of Ayurveda to get relief from mental and physical stress. It gives a new life to your body and mind.

Sports Medicine

The herbal preparations of medicine facilitate in increasing stamina, preventing injuries, cure and rehabilitation of damaged muscle, bone and also help for speedy recovery.

Weight Loss

Panchakarma helps the body to stay protected from the diseases by empowering the body systems and also boosting the positive effects of corrective treatments.


Special traditional Ayurvedic natural and non-surgical treatment for weight loss by reducing the excess fat accumulated in the subcutaneous tissues.

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Dr.Radhika P.G

BAMS,Ph.d,MSC (Psy)
MS (Couns) (Chief Physician)

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